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In the following videos, you will learn how easy it is to use the ready2order POS system. Learn how to create products, invoices, customer profiles, define the stock level and change the tax rate of a product.

All this helps you to achieve your company's success.

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Create products

In this video we show you the first steps with ready2order. We will show you how to easily create products and define product variations.

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Create invoices

Learn how easy it is to learn how to create your first invoice.

ready2order Training Kunden anlegen
Create a customer database

A structured customer database is the heart of every business. Here you can find out how to add customers to the ready2order database.

ready2order Training Lagerstand festlegen
Define stock level

Now that you have created products, invoices, and customers, we will show you how to define the stock of a product.

ready2order Training Steuersatz definieren
Define tax rates

Easily adjust the tax rates of your products in the ready2order management interface.

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