FAQ. and the desired answers.

What exactly is ready2order?

ready2order is a mobile and platform independent POS cash register system which can be used on every current smartphone, tablet or computer. A safe cloud solution enables a location- and time-independent management for your business. Costs are saved because special equipment is not necessary what makes ready2order a cheap, powerful, fast und easy-to-use cash register.


How can I use ready2order?

The ready2order POS App is available for every iOS device (iPhone, iPod, iPad ect.). There is also an App for Android and Windows 10. Furthermore, ready2order can be used in the browser. This allows the use of ready2order with every internet-enabled device.


Does ready2order has more advantages than the competition?

A major advantage of ready2order is the platform independence: Almost any (Internet enabled) device can be used, e.g. Android-smartphones, iPhones or Windows-PCs. That's possible because of the web-based programming, which allows a usage in web browser, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge as well as the ready2order-POS-App for iOS, Android and Windows 10. You get continuous updates without implementing themselves. Thanks to the cloud based solution data are regularly saved, so that no data get lost. In case, however that the internet should fail you can continue working in an offline mode.


How safe is my data?

We guarantee save data. For this reason, we save all data encrypted on European servers and not to disclose it to third parties.


For which industries is the ready2order cash register of particular interest?

Our system is designed so that it can be used independent of the industry. Thanks to the various adjustment possibilities, you can use the system optimal as a barkeeper, doctor, retailer, artisan, cabby or hairdresser.


Why should I decide in favour of ready2order?

There are many good reasons. Some of them are:

highly professional cash register including warehouse management and employee administration and much more

ready2order is lawful - we are naturally prepared for adjustments for modifications of the cash register compulsory planned for 2017

Reduces costs: Special hardware is not necessary because ready2order is useable with common devices like smartphones, tablets or PCs

Time- and location-independent management

Analysis of sales figures by a huge number of criteria

Optional integration for your Online-Shop

You may propose improvement ideas - you will see, you influence the further development of the ready2order cash register

Our support team is always willing to help you - for free