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All-in-one. Our readyGo.

The readyGo has everything a mobile POS system needs - as flexible as you are and as convenient as a stationary POS system. This is how you decide where to make your revenue.

  • Cash register. Scanner. Card reader. Printer.
  • Ready to go: Switch on and get started!
  • Up to 8 hours battery life
  • 369€

Overview of all costs





  • POS, card reader and printer in one
  • Simple operation via touchscreen
  • Up to 8 hours battery life

POS Licence




€ 394.80 per year with annual advance payment

  • Complete cash register
  • Quick set-up
  • 100% tax office compliant
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Cash register. Scanner. Card reader. Printer.

readyGo Features

Keeps moving: Your mobile POS for every location

Our readyGo is more than just a normal POS system: it does not only speed up your processes, it also makes them easier. It cannot only be used for payment, but also as a barcode scanner and to print your receipts directly.

  • Practical: Scans stored barcodes
  • Versatile: Cashless payment via card reader
  • Compact: Integrated 58mm high-speed thermal printer
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Reliable and convenient like a big terminal

Our readyGo is the perfect POS system for anyone who works mobile. Ready for immediate use - anytime and anywhere. Particularly practical for restaurateurs: simply use several devices at the same time. For less walking and more service!

  • Uncomplicated: Pre-installed POS system from ready2order
  • Simple: Convenient operation via touchscreen
  • Reliable: Free integrated SIM card and WiFi/LTE
  • Suitable for all sectors: Service, retail and catering

Your advantages with ready2order

Secure! Even in emergency

With us, your data and software are securely stored on European servers. So everything is always there when you need it - just as the tax office expects. Reliable and convenient, with almost no extra work for you. 

Save costs & time

With our annual subscription, you save a lot of money compared to 12 monthly licences plus activation fee. Once set up, your cash register will run itself: do the maths now - it's worth eve if you're open just during summer season!

Always by your side

Our checkout software is reliable and easy to use - not only on ready2order terminals, but also on tablet, smartphone, Mac or PC. On site or on the move. And if you have any questions, our support is there for you and for free.

Be free. And successful.

Find out more about the readyGo in a personal consultation.

readyGo POS

Cashless payment - here's how it works!

With our readyGo, you can easily accept cashless payments - without extra devices and without any stress. Simply activate readyPay payment service! For modern convenience and fast turnover. Quick and clear.

  • For "EC card", credit card or mobile payment
  • Accepts Maestro / V-Pay and MasterCard / Visa
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Contactless payment via NFC possible
readyGo and readyPay

High-tech. Mobile. Compact.

Technische Details


224,9 x 84,2 x 17,5 (50,4) mm



Operating system



58mm Highspeed thermal printer (70mm/s)


58mm thermal paper


5 Megapixel, LED flash, autofocus; ready to scan barcodes and QR codes. 


High-contrast 5.99-inch HD display with 1440×720 pixel resolution and IPS technology

Mobile data

Integrated SIM card for stable internet connection via LTE


Dual-Band 2.4G / 5G (802.11a/b/g/n)


USB-C port for charging

Battery & runtime

Lithium-polymer battery with 2580mAh for up to 8 hours of runtime


Quad Core


2 GB 

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