1 Preface

ready2order GmbH based in Vienna offers a cloudbased and platform-independend cash register system, which can be used on any devices that has internet access. It can be used independently of location and time because of a secure cloud solution.

2 Contractual object

Due to your contract you are entitled to the time-limited usage of  the cloud-based POS system "ready2order" in exchange for a fee. The POS system consists of three interfaces:

  • the cash register interface: "ready2order POS" (accessible via ur.ready2order.com)
  • the management interface: "my ready2roder" (accessible via my.ready2order.com)
  • Optional: the customer App: "I'm ready2order" (accessible via im.ready2order.com)

For further information about service descriptions and fees, please refer to your personal offer.

3 Contract Closing

Our contract enters into force as soon as you order (offer) and start using our services (assumption).

We are permitted to verify your details and to ask for supporting evidence e.g.: concerning your identity, legal capacity and the power of signatory and representation.

In order to close the contract we need the following information:

  • Precise buyer details
    • Name of the company
    • Name of the person authorised to sign
    • Mailing and billing address
    • Valid email address
    • Valid phone number
  • Valid Bank account and written direct debit authorization. All public charges, that arise from the performance of the contract, shall be borne by the orderer.

4 Conditions for Use

ready2order was developed device- and platform-independent and works on every operating system. The prerequisite for the use of the point-of-sale system is to run it in one of the web browsers such as "Google Chrome", "Mozilla Firefox" or "Apple Safari". Alternatively, "ready2order POS" can be installed on "iOS" or "Android" devices.

You have to ensure that the latest security updates of your web browser and operating system are installed and that the used hardware is suitable for the application execution.

Because the point-of-sale system is cloud-based, an active internet connection is required. It is your responsibility that you have a secure connection and sufficient bandwidth.

5 Period of Contract

Unless agreed otherwise, the contract is binding for an unlimited period. However we can provide a temporary contract, depending on your tariff.

6 Terms of Use

Unless agreed otherwise, you receive the non-exclusive, limited to the duration of the contract, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, revocable and content-wise restricted right of use based on the the use in the context of your company, cloudbased point-of-sale system "ready2order".

"ready2order" is made available as "Software-as-a-Service" ("Saas"). The "license" shall mean a factual right to use the cloud-based point-of-sale system "ready2order" as a whole that has to be assessed in its entirety wihin the meaning of an access to the service.

The use of the cash register interface "ready2order POS" depends on the number of "licences" you have acquired. One "licence" authorizes you to use "readyo2rder POS" on any number of devices (smartphone, tablet or computer), however with one "licence" you can only use one device at a time

For a simultaneous use of multiple devices, further "licences" are requierd. Depending on your contract you are provided with a limited number of  "licences". You can subscribe or unsubscribe additional "licences".

The usage of the management interface "my ready2order" depends on the number of licenses you have acquired and can be used simultaneously on multiple devices without additional "licences".

The usage of "ready2order" is only permitted for lawful purposes.  On the basis of these criteria, the useage for selling illegal products it is not acceptable. We reserve the right to terminate misused accounts at any time without stating reasons or prior notice.

7 Use of the Service for Test Purposes

From the initial registration on our website "ready2order.com" you can register a test account. With this you can test the fully functional software "ready2order" free of charge and without obligations for 30 days. On every invoice you issue, it is noted that it is a test account. Any use of the software outside of the test mode is therefore prohibited.  The usage We reserve the right to terminate misused accounts at any time without stating reasons or prior notice.

In the context of the free test access, all warranty claims are excluded. At the end of the test phase the test access is automatically deactivated.

If needed there is the possibility to extend the duration of the test access. There is, however, no claim for renewal. If you choose to use "ready2order" your test account gets unlocked and you can directly use it for live operations.

8 Hardware and Initial Setup

"ready2order" stands out for it's integration of already existing devices (smartphone, tablet, computer, printer) , thanks to it's platform-independence.

Thus the installation requires that a distinction has to be made if  "existing hardware" or from us "acquired hardware" gets used.

For "acquired hardware" we do not accept any liability that a smooth operation is ensured.  "Acquired hardware" that you received from us is in any case compatible with the system.

In order to initially setup the point-of-sale software, you can choose between three variations:

  • Independent installation with installation instructions
  • Remote setup via phone or maintanace software (incl. training)
  • On-site installation by one of your employees (incl. training) (may not be available in all areas)

9 Updates

With your contract you get continuous and free updates that keep you on up-to-date with "ready2order". Our cloud-based solution allows us to carry out updates without complicated installations and to extend the scope of functions even during operation. (Additional charges may apply for additional features). We endeavour to regard our customer's wishes and requirements and subsequently implement them.

Prior to carrying out essentials updates that considerable affect the operation, we will inform you via e-mail with timely details.

10 Data Security

It is our daily business to deal with highly sensible data. We know exactly how important confidentiality of your entered data is to you. That is why we take data security very serious.

We keep your data safe by transmitting them encrypted with the internet and by storing them on security servers hosted in the European Union.

11 Data Protection

Compliance with all relevant legal data protection regulations is especially important to us. "ready2order" allows to acquire particular personal data from you or your employees such as waiters or service staff as well as optional guest information.

You decide which data you enter in "ready2order". As long as you enter data relating to yourself, you comply to data processing, data storage and data transmission in the context of our system and our cooperation partners. As far as you transmit person-related data  to us, you shall be responsible for obtaining consent from the relevant third party for consent in line with the data protection regulations , if necessary.

You revocably agree that we provide you with service offerings in electronic form, appropriate to actual needs.

All data shall be available anywhere at any time. The data is securely stored in our encrypted cloud.

12 Customer Application

If desired, you can allow your guests to order via their smartphone. This service is currently in beta and we assume no guarantee or liability in regard to its correct functioning (Additional charges may apply).

13 Technical Support

If disturbances or defects are incurred during the use of "ready2order", you can turn to our 24h customer support or contact us via email with support@ready2order.com.

We distinguish between two types of disturbances:

Critical malfunction: The software "readyo2rder" has come to a halt during live operation and is no longer able to process data.

Non-critical malfunction: The functions of "ready2order" can be used with certain limitations.

In case of a critical malfunction, we deal with restoring the full operational capability within 6 hours.

In case of non-critical malfunction we deal with restoring the full operational capability within two working days.

14 Termination of Contract

Fixed-term contracts shall end  on the expiry of the agreed period. Neither we nor you can terminate the contract before. Unless the parties disagree, we can arrange for you that temporary contracts are renewed automatically.

Contracts concluded for an indefinite period can be cancelled by either party in writing subject to a notice period of two months. The termination becomes effective at month-end.

Fixed-term contracts and can be terminated at the end of the minimum contractual duration at the earliest.

The cancellation notice must be received in writing via e-mail (with the registered e-mail address) office@ready2order.at.

15 Information, Receipt of declarations

Please notify us immediately, however at the latest within a period of one week after any modification, if  company data (e.g. name, adress, email, billing adress, registration number, legal form) or bank details change.

If you wish we can send you legally significant statements via e-mail or other electronic media e.g. payment reminders or terminations.

The electronically transmitted data shall be deemed delivered if the recipient for whom they were intended is able to retrieve them under normal circumstances. Non-registered mails are considered issued within two workdays.

Declarations shall also be deemed as received, if you didn't not receive the declaration because you didn't inform us about any change to the data provided.

16 Fees

Unless otherwise indicated, all our given prices are exclusive of value-added tax.

In case of a change in the annual average of the consumer price index (CPI) maintained by Statistic Austria, we shall be entitled to increase fees for the following calendar year corresponding to the annual CPI-increase.Furthermore we are also obligated to communicate the annual CPI-decrease and to reduce the said fees corresponding to the decrease.

We will inform you about adjustments via e-mail.

The extent of the charge adjustment is calculated as as the change of the annual CPI for the last calendar year before the adjustment in relation to annual CPI for the calendar year before last before the adjustment (index base: annual CPI 2010=100).

We do not take fluctuations of 2 % in relation to the index base into consideration. However, if the fluctuation over- or undershoots, we will adjust the fees in full. The new value will then be the base for future adoptions.

An obligation to reduction in payment decreases in line with the right to raise the fees if we have not exercised it in the previous year.

Adjustments in payment occur in the year after the changes of the index base, however at the latest in the following year after contract conclusion.

If the annual CPI no longer is published, the official successor takes its place.

17 General Terms of Payment

Generally speaking we accept only the payment by derict debit. However, in exceptional cases we also accept payment by payment form or other types of transfer.

Claims for payment are immediately due after the order confirmation arrives or at a later, on the order confirmation indicated due date, point in time. The amount of the invoice must be paid no later than the due date of the invoice.  If you have a direct debit agreement with us we require the amount after the order confirmation arrives.

We round off bill amounts to full cents.

For a payment transaction via bank transfer you commit to settling the invoice amount within 7 days of receiving your order.

When payment is not received in time, we reserve the right to undo the reservationautomatically, without notice of cancel.

Banking charges and all arising costs for payment are to be paid by the customer e.g.  bank charges for international transfers

If you pay with a payment form, please state your valid customer number. Otherwise we first have to correctly assign the payment to the right customer number. For this we settle an adequate handling fee for the administrative process.

Discharge given for payment becomes valid with the correct assignment. This only applies when we carry out the assignment without undue delay. If the payment is settled too late, we charge an interest for delay in payment. The interest rate amounts to 12% annually,  but subject to a minimum of 3 percent above the base rate of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank.

Besides that we charge all incurred and  for an appropriate prosecution necessary expenses (reminder charges, expenses

of collection and costs of legal action).

When in doubt we set off payments against the oldest debt.

18 Accounting Policies

Important documentation is stored in an electronic database and is made available to you in electronic form

The electronically transmitted data shall be deemed delivered if the recipient for whom they were intended is able to retrieve them under normal circumstances

19 Haftung

Wir haften nach Maßgabe der gesetzlichen Bestimmungen für Schäden, die durch vorsätzliches oder grob fahrlässiges Verhalten von uns verursacht worden sind. Darüber hinaus wird die Haftung soweit, gesetzlich zulässig ausgeschlossen. Die Haftung für entgangenen Gewinn, ausgebliebene Einsparungen, verloren gegangene Daten, mittelbare und Folgeschäden sowie Schäden aus Ansprüchen Dritter ist ausgeschlossen soweit dem nicht zwingendes Recht entgegensteht.

Wir haften insbesondere nicht für folgende Probleme bzw. Schäden:

  • Fehlbedienung unserer Software
  • Schäden, die infolge nicht gespeicherter Daten entstanden sind
  • Schäden, die infolge eines Stromausfalls entstanden sind
  • Schäden bzw. Änderungen, die durch Malware, Viren oder Angriffe von Dritten (Hacker) entstanden sind
  • Schäden, die durch nicht oder falsch funktionierende Hardware (Router, Access-Points, Smartphones, PC, ua.) entstanden sind
  • Schäden, die durch unsachgemäße Konfiguration von Netzwerkkomponenten (WLANSicherheit, Netzwerkdosen, ua.) entstanden sind
  • Schäden bzw. Änderungen, die infolge eines Software- oder Betriebssystemfehlers entstanden sind
  • Schäden bzw. Änderungen, die infolge höherer Gewalt entstanden sind
  • Schäden bzw. Änderungen, die auf Sie zurückzuführen sind
  • Datenverlust, durch unsachgemäße Handhabung oder Verwendung der Systemkomponenten
  • Serverprobleme jeglicher Art (z.B. Ausfälle, Abstürze)
  • Schäden, durch Angriffe auf unserer Server
  • Fehlende oder fehlerhafte Netz- bzw. Internetanbindung jeglicher Art (fehlerhafter Router, Probleme beim Internetanbieter,..)


20 Finanzrechtliche Vorgaben in Österreich

"ready2order" erfüllt alle Finanzrechtlichen Vorgaben im Rahmen der "Registrierkassenpflicht" ab 1.1.2016.

Die Inbetriebnahme der "Registrierkasse" wird individuell mit Ihnen vereinbart. Im Zweifel erfolgt dies mit Erstaktivierung des Accounts. Mit der Inbetriebnahme startet der Umsatzzähler bei EUR 0,-.

Der Testaccount stellt keine den finanzrechtlichen Vorgaben entsprechende "Registrierkasse" dar.

Alle Daten werden im Rahmen steuerrechtlicher Vorgaben gespeichert. Ein nachträgliches Löschen der Eingaben ist nicht möglich. Stornierte Buchungen bleiben mit der entsprechenden Anmerkung im System gespeichert.

Manipulationen sind mit "ready2order" gänzlich ausgeschlossen. Exportfiles können dem Finanzamt jederzeit zur Verfügung gestellt werden.

Ab 1.1.2017 ist jede Registrierkasse mit einer technischen Sicherheitslösung gegen Manipulationen zu schützen. Dabei müssen alle Rechnungen elektronisch signiert und ein Textoder QR-Code auf dem Beleg angebracht werden. Wir werden im Rahmen der Leistungserbringung diese Vorgaben umsetzen.

Da Zertifikate von einem akkreditierten Zertifizierungsdiensteanbieter für jeden Unternehmer individuell ausgestellt werden müssen, können zusätzliche Kosten anfallen. Wir werden Sie bei der Beantragung Ihres Zertifikates unterstützten.


21 Änderungen der AGB

Wir können diese Nutzungsbedingungen auch regelmäßig anpassen. Darüber informieren wir Sie auf Ihrem Account auf "my.ready2order.at" sowie per E-Mail an die von Ihnen angegebene E-Mail-Adresse. Änderungen gelten grundsätzlich als akzeptiert, Sie haben jedoch das Recht innerhalb von sieben Kalendertagen schriftlich zu widersprechen.


22 Einstellung der Leistung

Wenn wir Leistungen allgemein einstellen, dann wird diese Einstellung frühestens 2 Monate nach Bekanntgabe auf "my.ready2order.at" wirksam.


23 Schlussbestimmungen

Dieser Vertrag unterliegt dem österreichischen Recht unter Ausschluss des UN-Kaufrechts (CISG).

Erfüllungsort der Leistungen ist Wien.

Für sämtliche gegenwärtigen und zukünftigen Ansprüche aus oder im Zusammenhang mit diesem Vertrag mit Unternehmern, juristischen Personen des öffentlichen Rechts oder öffentlichrechtlichen Sondervermögen ist ausschließlicher Gerichtsstand Wien.

Der gleiche Gerichtsstand gilt, wenn der Kunde keinen allgemeinen Gerichtsstand im Inland hat, nach Vertragsabschluss seinen Sitz oder gewöhnlichen Aufenthaltsort aus dem Inland verlegt oder der Sitz oder gewöhnlicher Aufenthaltsort zum Zeitpunkt der Klageerhebung nicht bekannt ist.


Laden Sie sich hier die Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen (AGB) von ready2order im PDF-Format herunter: