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Vienna - full-time
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Your mission

You drive lead generation and accelerate the pipeline for our growth in Germany, Austria and prepare the rollout into international markets. 

So far we have built software for +12,000 micro-businesses and are working on a payment, banking, and lending solution. In the next growth phases, we want to acquire +100,000 micro-businesses across Europe to become the top financial aggregator in Europe. 

Your responsibility is to increase sales and customer growth massively. Take full responsibility for the growth strategy and the current demand generation team of +7 people across paid and organic growth and strongly align with content, design, business intelligence, and data science. 

Your responsibilities

  • Responsible for our growth strategy and its implementation.
  • Create a scalable marketing system to acquire +100k customers in a capital-efficient way.
  • Build and lead a high-performance team. 
  • Strengthen the Marketing Intelligence & Technology competence in the team. 

Skills and experience to be "ready”

  • +4 years of management experience in a marketing role with a focus on paid marketing.
  • +7 years of experience in performance marketing. 
  • confidently handling at least EUR +1.000.000 monthly ad spend across several markets. 
  • critical and analytical thinking to make number-driven decisions and to promote creativity in the team. 
  • action-driven, proactive personality.
  • excellent German language skills, as we will focus on Germany for the next 12 months.
  • excellent knowledge of English.

About ready2order

ready2order was founded in 2012 with the vision of eliminating additional administrative work for entrepreneurs with the help of a digital checkout app. Started as a hobby project, ready2order was able to transform itself into a software company and provides a solid digital infrastructure for entrepreneurs to organize, manage, and analyze their business.

Currently, ready2order has about 80 employees so that +12,000 customers can handle their daily business.


We believe that small businesses don't exist, to be managed, they exist to create, perform, deliver. And no matter what they do best, they do best when they can focus on just that. 

So, we become the top of mind standard for managing a small business. 

To get there we create central access to all essential tools, entrepreneurs really need to unleash the full potential of their business.

We enable small businesses to unleash their full potential.

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