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ready2order TechConf

ready2order is giving a small peak into the way we work and where we are moving. 

Our TechConf is set on the evenings of 16th and 17th of November and will be including six talks by experts in their field from ready2order and our amazing partners.

To kick it off we will hear a talk by Nikolina Belic from VegaIT about validating product ideas before implementing them. This will be followed by Alex Katlein with a general talk about microservices and then a talk by Mathias Lasser who will take us into the world of printers and reverse engineering.

The second day of talks will start with a presentation by Rachèl Heimbach from OpenValue Utrecht about implementing GraphQL. Our technical co-founder Christopher Fuchs is going to continue and our evenings rounded off by Sebastian Konieczek from OpenValue Düsseldorf who will tell us about testing and how to do it right.

Want to join? There is limited room for guests, so be sure register soon! Just drop an E-Mail to Alex. If you are going to join remotely, you can find the stream here: https://meet.google.com/seo-gkrz-ksa

Of course we are going to provide food and drinks!



- 15:00 Nikolina Belic (VegaIT)
- 16:00 Break
- 16:30 Alex Katlein (ready2order)
- 17:30 Break
- 18:00 Oliver Perner (building BRIDGES)


- 15:00 Rachèl Heimbach (OpenValue)
- 16:00 Break
- 16:30 Christopher Fuchs (ready2order)
- 17:30 Break
- 18:00 Sebastian Konieczek (OpenValue)

1# Nikolina Belic: How to validate the feasibility and viability of product ideas before spending time and money making them.

When you are in an unknown environment facing many assumptions, spending time and money making a product or solving a problem before validating your assumptions sounds immature. That’s where hypothesis validation comes into place. To put it simply, a hypothesis is an assumption that can be proven wrong. Utilize the hypothesis validation approach to validate your assumptions and continuously learn before you move to development.

About Nikolina

An experienced Product Manager/Owner with a Business Analysis background. Certified Scrum Professional working on dozens of projects and products in various industries such as Enterprise, InsurTech, HealthTech, and Entertainment. Worked on creating stand-alone applications, ERP, B2B, B2C products, and low-code no-code platforms. Used Waterfall, Scrum, Kanban, Lean Startup, and many more with one goal in mind to create products that customers will love and that will be aligned with business objectives. Passionate about learning new things and solving problems.

#2 Alex Katlein: Microservices and Technology

Microservices are all the rage in this day and age. We hear about Netflix and Google implementing thousands of microservices and delivering their products effectively. But what are microsevices, and which technologies enable us to write them to provide a useful, performant, and scalable product? What pitfalls and challenges do we face when trying to implement a microservice architecture? This talk will not go into much depth, rather it will give an overview about the principles of microservices, and introduce some feasible technologies that lend themselves to implementing such services.

About Alex

Alex is the Lead Architect at ready2order, with 9+ years of experience doing full-stack engineering, software architecture, and actually deploying products to the cloud. He's both keeping a detailed overview of the big picture, but also has a keen eye on the minutiae regarding all steps in the software development process. In his off-time he enjoys spending time with friends and family.

3# Oliver Perner: Business agility: Deliver the right thing at the right time

4# Rachèl Heimbach: Going full stack with GraphQL

REST is a great convention on paper, but is it good enough for today's variety of clients like web, mobile, IoT etc? Is there a better alternative? GraphQL's query language can drastically change the way you think about data models and state-management. Besides solving REST's over-fetching and need for many HTTP calls, GraphQL can power your complete client/backend stack by introducing a single source of truth data model. This allows GraphQL based tooling like Apollo to take over your client's state-management and allows you to focus on what actually matters: building a great user experience.

About Rachèl

Software Engineer at OpenValue who loves to learn and share new things. Has a weak spot for Full Stack development. Rachèl worked with Apollo and GraphQL in a microservice architecture.

5#  Christopher Fuchs: Applying event-driven messaging to ready2order

ready2orders co-founder is going to talk about how the company is applying event-driven messaging.

About Christopher

Christopher is the co-founder and a principal software engineer at ready2order. Ten years ago he saw a problem with the POS system of the restaurant he was at for dinner, and thought he could provide a solution. Now he is the co-founder of a company with over 13.000 customers, but he has never lost that focus on customer satisfaction and providing the best experience possible. In his off-time he is an avid athlete and spends most time with family and friends.

6#  Sebastian Konieczek: Am I Testing the Right Way?

What can or should be considered the right size of a unit with regard to what is tested in isolation? Two unit-testing approaches explained! Pick any topic around testing and there will be at least two very contrary approaches that seem to be at odds. One of the many points of discussion around unit testing and in particular TDD, are the questions around what good boundaries for tests are. So the question is: Should you unit test each method on your classes or should you only unit test the public interfaces of a given feature or component?

Specifically: What can or should be considered the right size of a unit with regard to what is to be tested in isolation. This talk is a spin off of the article that was previously published on Foojay.io.

About Sebastian

Sebastian is a passionate Full Stack Software Engineer from OpenValue Düsseldorf. He is an expert in the requirement analysis of complex systems in the field of investment advice and pension provision, but his long years of experience he covers the entire software life cycle from analysis to commissioning and support. Sebastian's interests lie in architecture and design issues, but coding remains his passion. When there is time left over from work and family, he does weight training and fitness, plays games and enjoys working on hobby projects.

Julie Mayrhofer. ready2order.

Julie Mayrhofer

Content Manager

Als Content Manager bei ready2order dreht sich für Julie alles um den perfekten Text. Egal ob Blogposts, Reports oder Support-Artikel, sie textet sich die Finger wund. In ihrer Freizeit verschlingt sie Bücher und tobt sich gerne mit allerlei kreativen Hobbys aus.

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