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There are countless small businesses out there that we rely on every day. The cool new coffee shop, the hairdresser I trust or the kebab shop around the corner. All of them are lovely people, with great ideas, who love to go the extra mile for their customers and their passion. 

It is time to strengthen the small businesses and finally bring clarity into the jungle of self-employment, guidelines, and laws!

That is why we have to push the boundaries of the possibilities together. Because we do not accept that so many obstacles are put in the way of small businesses. Instead, we use smart software and thus take our fate into our own hands. 

We are building a tool with experts from tax consulting, business, compliance and law, which enables small businesses to have the freedom to make their own decisions and to do what is important to them and what makes their company what it is.


Take ownership of our Product and lead our team of 20 software engineers to deliver continuous output for our customers. 

Structure engineering processes, establish a highly scalable architecture and hire additional senior engineers to professionalize our product development. Be the final decision maker in technical decisions. 

As part of our management team, you are also responsible for the technical strategy and roadmap to make sure we are able to scale our business internationally (10x).


  • Complete the ready2order on-boarding Bootcamp and learn about our history, business and where we’re going.
  • Get to know everyone at our two offices.


  • discover habits, processes, coding standards, literally – how we operate. 
  • spend days with our customer support team to get a feeling for our customer’s issues. 
  • visit customers. 
  • have sessions together with your peers.
  • get a deep dive into the strategy, product roadmap and into tech budget.


  • have a clear vision and strategy in place.
  • implement the first changes.
  • start hiring additional senior engineers. 
  • be aligned with the product and your peers.


  • grow your team. 
  • start developing engineers and establish team leads. 
  • take full ownership of your scope.

Skills and experience to be ready

  • You have a track record (spent +10.000 hours in a product development environment)  in a leading software engineering role related to the challenges we face. If we break it down to a number, you have +5 years of experience in leading a 20-60 product development unit. 
  • Your focus and passion are in customer-centric product development. 
  • Relevant engineering or science degree.
  • You look for a +3 years challenge with huge potential to shape a success-story.
  • We offer a market-oriented salary plus Equity.

Tech Stack – LAMP

Web development

Javascript, Typescript, React, PHP, Laravel, GraphQL, Apollo,
Styled-components, Tailwind CSS

Legacy: jQuery, vanilla Javascript, Plain PHP, AJAX,


Electron, Kotlin, Swift

Legacy: Objective-C


MySQL, Redis


AWS, Google Cloud, Git, Gitlab CI/CD


Cypress, Selenium

Data Science

Python, R


Gitlab, Jira, Confluence, Slack


ABOUT ready2order

ready2order was started as a hobby project with the main purpose to eliminate administrative overhead for entrepreneurs by providing a digital cash-register application. 

Since summer 2015 we have simplified the daily business of more than 10.000 entrepreneurs of small businesses with our Point of Sale. 

Additionally, we launch new verticals such as payment and banking. Currently, we open the German market which offers a huge growth opportunity to 10x.

Current relevant acquisitions: 

Lightspeed acquired Gastrofix: $ 61 million

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